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The generator is fairly self explanatory so we will touch on just a few points that may be helpful.

1) - We suggest you paste your popup script into a word program file such as "notepad" and save for future reference. This will make it easy to edit your popup if needed. For example, should you decide later to make the window resizeable all you have to do is change the "0" to a "1". { 1 = yes / 0 = no }

2) - You can create the script now and edit the entire code later. For example, if you haven't created the file or page that you want to pop up, simply generate the popup now and later you can add the URL. You would simply type the URL in the same location I have typed in a row of z's below.


<input type=button value="Open the Popup Window" onClick="javascript:popUp('zzzzzzzzzzzz')">


3) - If you are not used to working with images or tables you might not be familiar with "pixels". For a reference, the square below is 300x300 pixels.

PopUp Generator