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How to create your own Rollover Buttons.
You can use the generator to create buttons using our images or you can use your own images.

To use ours, Save the buttons of choice to your computer, then simply copy the information below the first image you want (for example: bt_h1.gif) and paste into the #1 slot. Then copy the information below the second button of choice and paste into the MOI1 slot. In the URL1 slot type in the address you want the button linked to such as your home page (http://www.yoursite.com). If you want to use more than one button on the same page, continue to #2 and create them all at once. Then click "Done - Make My Script". Copy the script and save or paste to a word program such as "notepad".

You can also type in the full URL such as - http://www.yoursite.com/bt_h1.gif - and - http://www.yoursite.com/bt_h2.gif

1st) Save the buttons you have chosen then upload them to your web directory.
2nd) - Follow the simple HTML instructions included with your script.

Note: If you access your images from a seperate directory you will need to include that information. For example, if you store your gifs in a folder named "images" the file name should be /images/bt_h1.gif or http://www.yoursite.com/images/bt_h1.gif

To use your own images:

Same as above except in slot #1 and MOI1 you type in the names of the images you have in your web directory. Such as: /myimage.gif and /myimage2.gif or http://www.yoursite.com/myimage.gif and http://www.yoursite.com/myimage2.gif


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