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This section is a large variety of animated animals and animal clip art images. Pages include animated gifs of bears, donkeys, bees, spiders, deer, kangaroos, birds, turtles, moose, mice, horses, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, dinosaurs, cats and more. On the following pages you will find larger printable animals such as elephants and rhinoceros.


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animated tortoise
Tortoise looking around.
elephant spraying water out his trunk animated
Elephant shower.
turtle on his back
Turtle trying to get on his feet.
fishing bear gif animation
Bear Fishing Animated

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bee animated gif
Animated Flying Bee

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Animated Spider

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animated kangaroo
Kangaroo animation.
Donkey with animated ears.
happy monkey
Monkey jumping with joy.
animated mouse
jumping kangaroo
Animated kangaroo.
animated moose
Moose with attitude.

bighorn sheep
Bighorn sheep on the move.
animated snake
Cobra Animated
walking turtle animated
Turtle with special walk.
bear with frog
Happy bear with his friend the frog.
wild boar
Wild Boar
eagle with wings spread

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If you use our animal clipart please give us credit.

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