Free Columbus Day Clipart - Gifs and Graphics

Columbus Day is The Second Monday in October.
(in America that is)

Below are clipart and jpeg images concerning the life and times of Christopher Columbus. You may use these images in your personal and educational projects.

Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria Columbus Day

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus portrait in black and white.
Columbus's fleet at anchor JPG file
Ships Before The Long Voyage

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nina, pinta, santa maria on the seas
The Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria Clipart.

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rough seas for the fleet of Columbus
The Ships of Columbus on the high seas.
Christopher Columbus surrounded by Indians in the New World
Christopher Columbus in the New World
Columbus Day Animation
Columbus Day
Columbus in the New World.
Giving thanks in the new world.
Columbus and Isabella
Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella I

Columbus landing in the new world
Christopher Columbus takes first steps in the new world.
santa maria on the high seas GIF file
Santa Maria Clipart
Christopher Columbus JPG in black and white
Columbus Day with Christopher.
Christopher Columbus ships on the high seas
Christopher Columbus's ships.
Niña, Pinta and Santa María
The Niña, Pinta and Santa María under full sail.
Christopher Columbus ships
Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria full sail.
The Santa Maria in black and white
The Santa Maria on rough seas.
Santa Maria full sail
Santa Maria under full sail with strong wind.
Columbus ship in high seas
Columbus's ship full sail and high seas.
Christopher Columbus line art
Christopher Columbus looking thoughtful.
portrait of Columbus
Christopher Columbus Portrait color in dark frame.

A little about Christopher Columbus:
Born c.1451 in Genoa, Liguria and Died 20 May 1506 in Valladolid, Spain.
Occupation - Maritime Explorer for the Crown of Castile.
Titles - Admiral of the Ocean Sea - Viceroy and Governor of the Indies.
Columbus's religion was Roman Catholic.

Columbus's Family:
Wife - Filipa Moniz
Children - Diego and Fernando
Brothers - Giovanni Pellegrino, Giacomo and Bartolomeo Columbus

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