Free Vampire Clipart - Animated Vampire Gifs

Welcome to our vampire section. Included in this category are vampire bats, Dracula (Vlad the Impaler), vampiresses, smiley face vampires, animated vampire gifs, vampires with something to say and cartoon vampires. We will continue to add vampires on a regular basis so if you are a vampire lover check back from time to time. You never know what crazy undead idea we will come up with next.

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Vampire Clipart

All of the undead clipart images may be used on non profit personal websites and educational projects.

vampire bat

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vampire and his cape
Dracula or better known as Vlad the Impaler.

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Dracua with big smile
Dracula waving to his next victim.
animated vampire bat
Vampire bat soon to be vampire.
animated vampire changing from man to bat
Vampire soon to be vampire bat.
dracula vampire
Count Dracula - Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia
vampire smiley with big teeth
Vampire and bats.

big green vampire
Green vampire with blue eyes.
Dracula and his black cape. Clipart for web pages.
Count Dracula wearing his Sunday best including the cape.

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count dracula with a big smile
Count Dracula happy to see you.
vampire bat face of a vampire
tight view of a female vampire
Close up view of the working parts of a vampiress. You might want to avoid kissing her since there is no telling where that tongue has been.

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vampire bat in flight
My what big teeth you have. Vampire bat flying.
vampire with his bat friends
Release the bats!
vampire with mouth full of blood
Another old vampire that still has the power to hypnotize his victim. Would you like to come to my house to look at my paintings?

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Halloween Clipart

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