Free Tree Clipart - Animated Gifs

Tree section contains a combination of tree clip art and animated tree gifs. We have included, and continue to add, a variety of trees including palms, apple and bonsai images. Also animated trees blowing in the wind, trees with leaves falling, tree house, scary trees plus happy, sad and angry trees. We will continue to add trees weekly.

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large palm tree
Large Palm Tree clipart on white.
tree looking sharp animation
Tree looking good.
tree dancing
Tree dancing in the wind.
animated spooky tree
Animated tree.
tree of hearts
Where he heart grows.
palm tree dancing the hula
Hula dancing palm tree.
tree on the run animation
Excited tree on the run.
tree growing leaves then losing leaves animated
Year in the life of a tree.

tree animated clipart apple tree animation
Tree shedding its fruit animated.
hungry tree animated
Tree chewing animated.
tree in open field
A lonely tree.
scary animated tree
Tree on a mission.
apple tree
Apple tree with plenty of fruit.
large tree stump
Snobbish tree.
tree with attitude
Tree with attitude.
animated palm tree with coconuts
Tree with falling coconuts.
tree house stump
Animated tree house.
tall palm tree
Palm tree with dark curved trunk.
palm tree with large fronds
Palm tree with double curve and dark green fronds.
palm tree with dark green fronds
A more complex palm tree with detailed fronds.

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If you use our free tree graphics please give us credit for our images. Thank You.
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