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Christmas Ornaments Clipart

Christmas Ornaments and Decorations

Our Christmas tree ornament clip art may be used to enhance your website. Simply download the ornaments you can use then upload to your server or online storage space.

If you don't have your own server space, you may use the copy and paste codes located under most ornaments.

This page includes Gif files with transparent backgrounds and JPEG files on white with perspective shadows.

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Christmas ornament with Merry Christmas
Green on green Christmas tree ornament with the words Merry Christmas. JPEG file.
Christmas ornament red
Red and gold Christmas ornament with design and hook. GIF file transparent.
Happy Holidays ornament
Ornament, green with Happy Holidays . JPG file format.
gold Christmas ornament
Long ornament, gold with Christmas tree inset. JPEG file with perspective shadow.
Christmas ornaments various colors including red and green
Set of three multi color Christmas ornaments including hooks. JPG file format.
Merry Christmas Ornament
Large Christmas ornament with words Merry Christmas. JPEG file with shadow.

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If you save and use our free christmas clipart please give us credit for our work by or simply copy and paste the snippet of code below into your credits page.  Thank You.
<p><a href="http://www.wilsoninfo.com/christmas2.shtml">Wilson Free Clipart</a></p>

Happy Holidays

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