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You may use our Easter clipart or animations on your personal or educational websites and projects.

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Bunnies, flowers, chicks, wicker baskets and colored eggs. HAPPY EASTER!

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Easter chick
Happy Easter with a baby chick.
easter basket filled with flowers
Happy Easter basket filled with flowers.
Easter animated
Easter with bunnies and eggs animated gif.
colored eggs in Easter basket with chicks
Easter chicks, basket and colored eggs.
Happy Easter
Happy Easter with the bunny resting after a long nights work.
basket of Easter flowers
Basket with flowers transparent background.
Easter Lilies
Happy Easter with orange Lilies.
bunny and eggs animation
Secret Easter Bunny and eggs.

Happy Easter
Happy Easter - Bunnies are cuddly, the large and the small, but I like the chocolate ones best of all. This Easter image has been sized for social media sites like Facebook.
chicks dancing and singing
Chicks dancing with joy with Easter egg.
Easter egg with legs
Your egg is going to run away.
colorful Easter egg
Brightly colored Easter egg.
happy easter with happy looking chicks in Easter basket
Chicks in Easter Basket with flowers.
He Has Risen
He Has Risen 3D with blue gradient overlay and front reflection.
Happy Easter
Happy Easter with chocolate eggs.
baby Easter bunny
Happy Easter bunny with eggs and animation.
Happy Easter with eggs
Happy Easter with a variety of eggs.
Easter flowers including lilies
Happy Easter Flowers with frame.
Happy Easter
Happy Easter with bunny.
Easter Lilies in pot
Easter Lilies growing in pot.
new hatched Easter chick
Welcome to the world little chick.
animated Easter Chick
Chick on the move.

painting Easter egg
Easter bunny busy painting an Easter egg.
egg inspector
The Easter bunny inspector checking an Easter egg for perfection.
Happy Easter
Happy Easter with an Easter basket full of colored eggs.
Easter bunny
Easter bunny with a basket of eggs.
alien Easter bunny
Easter bunny from outer space with a basket full of colored eggs clipart.
animated Easter basket with bunny
Animated bunny in Easter basket.
Happy Easter animation
Happy Easter with glitter.
Easter bunny and eggs
Easter bunny keeping a close eye on the egg inventory.
bunny flower
Easter bunny with flower animation.
bunny and basket
Basket with eggs animation.
egg hunt
Children on an Easter egg hunt animated gif.
Easter bunny
Easter bunny with a basket full of eggs.
painting egg animation
Painting an Easter egg animation.
Easter basket
Easter basket with bunny and eggs and yellow ribbon.
Easter flowers
Easter flower display.
basket with ribbons and Easter eggs
Basket with colored eggs.
He Has Risen
He Has Risen with a cross on a mountain top and a waterfall.

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