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Halloween Backgrounds

Below are thumbnail versions of our Halloween backgrounds. Click on the images below you will see the full size Halloween backgrounds and animated backgrounds tiled on a full page.

You may use our free Halloween backgrounds to enhance your personal website. Simply save the images of choice and upload to your server space.

Click on background images below to view or save a larger version.

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gothic witch
Gothic scene with a witch flying above.
black cat
Black cat with fall leaves for Halloween.
candy buckets
Jack-o'-lantern Halloween candy buckets to be filled with wonderful sweets.
spider web
A Halloween spider and her web.
haunted house
A spooky haunted house plus a werewolf.
pumpkins woman
Woman with pumpkins for Halloween.
Ghosts on a gradient background.
grim reaper background
Grim Reaper walking about in the fog with his scythe.

The Mummy
Imhotep and Princess Anck-es-en-Amon at the climax of The Mummy (Boris Karloff and Zita Johann).
Halloween cookies
Halloween cookies background including ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns.
A scary jack-o'-lantern scene.
witch, ghost, black cat and haunted house
Witch, ghost, black cat and bats. Must be a haunted house.
ghosts and bats
Ghosts and bats in a graveyard scene.
spooky halloween scene
Spooky scene with bats and evil jack-o'-lanterns.
Halloween witch background
Scary Halloween scene with a witch.
scary pumpkin patch scene
Halloween scene. Could this be the great pumpkin and his minions?
scary Halloween scene
Halloween scene with bats, witch and jack-o'-lanterns.
scary bat scene
Spooky Halloween bat scene
bats and jack-o'-lanterns
Spooky bats and jack-o'-lanterns.
A scary jack-o'-lantern and full moon background.
scary faces
Scary faces with eyes.

Spooky jack-o'-lantern in space image.
Ghosts on a scary night.
enter scary
Enter the spooky gate at your own risk.
women makeup
Beautiful women in Halloween makeup.
(A reminder - our Halloween backgrounds are for personal use only, not business use.
spooky jack-o'-lanterns
Halloween scene with spooky jack-o'-lanterns.
haunted house
Haunted house for Halloween.

jack-o-lanterns and bats background
Jack-o-Lanterns and Bats

haunted house with witch
Haunted House with Witch
dark and spooky halloween scene
Scary Halloween Scene

witch cauldron
A witch and her cauldron in a pumpkin patch.
Scary jack-o'-lantern background image.
devil skull
A devil skull nightmare.
jack-o'-lanterns bats
Jack-o'-lanterns and bats on a gloomy night.
jack-o'-lanterns in the rain
Jack-o'-lanterns in the rain
haunted house
Dark Haunted House
haunted house background 1280 x 768
Haunted House

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If you use our free Halloween backgrounds please give us credit.

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