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The clipart images on this page deal with the concept, " everything isn't always as it seems". What might be behind every keystroke may be obvious to you, but don't forget, every day 1000's of people go online for the very first time.

These first timers might not realize that "Prince Albert" the world traveler is actually Al Smith living in a trailer park rental hoping the state doesn't find him or it is back to prison he will be going.

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have you ever seen brad pitt - animated graphics
Online even you can be Brad Pitt.
fix computer once and for all
I have a good idea how to fix this computer but I'm not certain if I should.

computer repair
Always use a professional for computer repair.
beware of online sickos - animated graphics
At least, I would like to be 17 years old. Isn't it about time you upgrade that monitor?
really mad
Ever have one of those days when the computer won't do what you want.

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When you are online, even you can be Brad Pitt. Does that make you stop and think? Just who are those people online you have been telling all your personal information. Take it all with a grain of salt and keep your cards close to your vest. Wow, I've hit the mother load of colloquials.